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I have read three books that were chosen very properly so I am going to tell you about them !

First book was Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) mark 4/5

I like this book. It has tutorial on about 260 pages and about 200 pages of documentation that I ignored. The hardest part of book was deployment (I was making it on CentOS). Tutorial was making internet shop with ajax and default Rails testing.

You can see my source code on github

Next book was Rails 3 in Action mark 3/5

It was hard book that consists of one tutorial of making ticket system. This book shows only some part of tutorial code so you have to look inside github repository for adding your project. It uses Rspec and Cucumber for testing and includes some gems (device for auth, cancan for acl etc).

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github

 Last book was Ruby on Rails Tutorial mark 5/5

Its perfect tutorial that give you all basic knowledge how to build website on Rails. It shows Rspec testing and basic knowledge of Rails. My opinion you cant do Rails without reading this tutorial.

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github


P. S.  I like Rails its growing rapidly and it has many gems so it never be boring. Also there is several books that I am going to read. They going to be released soon Rails Recipes: Rails 3 Edition by Chad Fowler (Paperback - Apr 7, 2012), Learning Rails 3 by Simon St.Laurent (Paperback - Jun 22, 2012) and The Rails View: Creating a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience by Bruce Williams and John Athayde (Paperback - Apr 6, 2012)

Ultra simple mail aggregator

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