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Small Perl Web Frameworks review

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After reading Pearl book I decided to read about Perl Web Frameworks. From this website I visited all perl frameworks websites and choose three of them (Catalyst, Dancer and Mojolicious). Catalyst because it is the most popular and two other because they have good websites.

Catalyst, I started learning by reading a book "Catalyst 5.8 the perl MVC framework". This book contains several tutorials with description. It was very hard because I was using Catalyst 5.9 and it has many difference from 5.8 so it is strange. When I copied code from book and pasted it, I had error and have to figure out what was reason of the error. So it was terrible book with tutorial that I ever have read and It is not good that framework advertises this book. My impressions about the framework are it is very powerful, very hard to work with, not modern and hard to find examples how to. I don't like this framework, but if I would have to write on this fw I don't mind. Also my source on

Then I visited a Dancer framework website their I took a look on the documentation and watched tutorial. It is very simple, not powerful but for small websites or for REST it would be useful. If you have free time just take look at the bottom of the page and you'll understand what I mean.

After Dancer lets move to Mojolicious. It has two versions Light and Normal. Light it for small websites and Normal for something bigger. I don't found tutorial and there are many examples how to work with Light version and a few with Normal version. I like syntax but I thing it would be hard make website because there not many examles and I think it would be hard to find something in google that I'll need.

P.S. If I would have to write something on Perl I'll choose Mojolicious.