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Cash Machine app to try frameworks

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In our days there a lot of javascript client and backend side frameworks. But for best understanding we should do practice, so I created repo to write there the same app "cash machine" using different frameworks. The app has two sides back and client. On back there is api and on client there is ui. Website: [Cash Machine]( Repo: [Github]( It's something similar to [TodoMVC](

JavaScript skeleton(starter, example) using Express and Chaplin

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If you want to start a project in pure JavaScript it is one of the options of project structure. I was faced with this problem, considered a lot of projects and collect this one. The project structure is divided into two parts, the frontend and backend. This two parts are very similar in structure using **MVC**. The app works on the principle of building ui based on data from the backend as **JSON**. Also in this project you can find a few examples (authorization using passport, test coverage on frontend, etc.) [Github]( [Demo]( (

Sinatra Ruby

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It is very small framework but I think it has all needed things for building website. Also it is very light, you can see it on main page of Sinatra Framework that has example. It has good documentation full of examples. Also I found out that Heroku  helps Sinatra. You can try it be tutorials that I found:, Sinatra has two books "Sinatra: Up and Running" on Amazon (you will find tutorial when you would read last chapter so I build it and you can watch source code and another book on Sinatra website.

Sinatra really cool web framework that has good support.