Cash Machine app to try frameworks

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In our days there a lot of javascript client and backend side frameworks. But for best understanding we should do practice, so I created repo to write there the same app "cash machine" using different frameworks. The app has two sides back and client. On back there is api and on client there is ui.

Website: Cash Machine
Repo: Github

It's something similar to TodoMVC

JavaScript skeleton(starter, example) using Express and Chaplin

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If you want to start a project in pure JavaScript it is one of the options of project structure. I was faced with this problem, considered a lot of projects and collect this one. The project structure is divided into two parts, the frontend and backend. This two parts are very similar in structure using MVC. The app works on the principle of building ui based on data from the backend as JSON. Also in this project you can find a few examples (authorization using passport, test coverage on frontend, etc.)

Demo (

RubyonRails Books

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I have read three books that were chosen very properly so I am going to tell you about them !

First book was Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) mark 4/5

I like this book. It has tutorial on about 260 pages and about 200 pages of documentation that I ignored. The hardest part of book was deployment (I was making it on CentOS). Tutorial was making internet shop with ajax and default Rails testing.

You can see my source code on github

Next book was Rails 3 in Action mark 3/5

It was hard book that consists of one tutorial of making ticket system. This book shows only some part of tutorial code so you have to look inside github repository for adding your project. It uses Rspec and Cucumber for testing and includes some gems (device for auth, cancan for acl etc).

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github

 Last book was Ruby on Rails Tutorial mark 5/5

Its perfect tutorial that give you all basic knowledge how to build website on Rails. It shows Rspec testing and basic knowledge of Rails. My opinion you cant do Rails without reading this tutorial.

Book source code github

You can see my source code on github


P. S.  I like Rails its growing rapidly and it has many gems so it never be boring. Also there is several books that I am going to read. They going to be released soon Rails Recipes: Rails 3 Edition by Chad Fowler (Paperback - Apr 7, 2012), Learning Rails 3 by Simon St.Laurent (Paperback - Jun 22, 2012) and The Rails View: Creating a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience by Bruce Williams and John Athayde (Paperback - Apr 6, 2012)

Sinatra Ruby

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It is very small framework but I think it has all needed things for building website. Also it is very light, you can see it on main page of Sinatra Framework that has example. It has good documentation full of examples. Also I found out that Heroku  helps Sinatra. You can try it be tutorials that I found:, Sinatra has two books "Sinatra: Up and Running" on Amazon (you will find tutorial when you would read last chapter so I build it and you can watch source code and another book on Sinatra website.

Sinatra really cool web framework that has good support.

CI CMS Ionize and Halogy

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Long time ago I used CI framework for a site. Now I have to write site on my work so I decided to use CI as a framework. But I didn't start writing only watching documentation, I decided to watch inside cms that were writing on this framework (I found about ten), so I choose Ionize and Halogy.

First I choose Ionize because it has good interface and installation was very easy but when I started looking inside the code I saw a big mass. Admin part interface realize with using Mootools as a js framework and MochaUI as a user-interface. So all admin part made by ajax request so I didn't like it because ajax request don't do one big js engine. It happens this way you press link -> js calls ajax request -> it receive big part html with js and change some html that exists with received data. So I stop go forward. Thanks Ionize with it help I watch many information about Mootools and really like plugins.

So after disappointed about Ionize cms I start looking into the code of Halogy cms. It has HMVC patter that I never met (like MVC but groups in folders as modules). So from the beggining it was easy and clear to understand. Code clear and has many comments so I like it. If you want learn CI framework you should look inside this cms.

P.S. I think CI is best framework for small websites or for programmers that like writing websites on clear php. For big project I think CI doesn't suitable. CI also gives freedom in writing code, its very easy for beginner, have good documentation, but it has very small functionality versus frameworks like Yii CakePHP...

Small Perl Web Frameworks review

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After reading Pearl book I decided to read about Perl Web Frameworks. From this website I visited all perl frameworks websites and choose three of them (Catalyst, Dancer and Mojolicious). Catalyst because it is the most popular and two other because they have good websites.

Catalyst, I started learning by reading a book "Catalyst 5.8 the perl MVC framework". This book contains several tutorials with description. It was very hard because I was using Catalyst 5.9 and it has many difference from 5.8 so it is strange. When I copied code from book and pasted it, I had error and have to figure out what was reason of the error. So it was terrible book with tutorial that I ever have read and It is not good that framework advertises this book. My impressions about the framework are it is very powerful, very hard to work with, not modern and hard to find examples how to. I don't like this framework, but if I would have to write on this fw I don't mind. Also my source on

Then I visited a Dancer framework website their I took a look on the documentation and watched tutorial. It is very simple, not powerful but for small websites or for REST it would be useful. If you have free time just take look at the bottom of the page and you'll understand what I mean.

After Dancer lets move to Mojolicious. It has two versions Light and Normal. Light it for small websites and Normal for something bigger. I don't found tutorial and there are many examples how to work with Light version and a few with Normal version. I like syntax but I thing it would be hard make website because there not many examles and I think it would be hard to find something in google that I'll need.

P.S. If I would have to write something on Perl I'll choose Mojolicious.

Something about WordPress

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I wrote on many frameworks so I wanted to write something on cms. I took WorPress because its the most popular blog cms I know and started learning it. At First I dislike but than I really like it. In few words its sounds like "You have instruments like posts, taxonomies, users, comments, settings and something else, and You can manipulate it like you want in Frontend". Also WordPress have many free plugins but they wrote not so good or with banners, so you need make some correction. We I like wp its because its very popular so You can find a lot of information in google also You can found plugin that you want or similar for you requirements so you don't have to write plugin from the begging. Also I spent three days looking inside wp code and I can say that this project not object orientation there are a few classes and a lots of functions. At the end of my traveling to the code I understood that It's cool because people who don't know programming, like work with function then with classes. So that is why WordPress have so many themes and plugins.

P.S. When I am writing my blog I manipulated wp instruments like I want. I had no limits so its cool and I didn't need to write some code in wp.

Also You can download my portfolio plugin that I built from another two wp plugins.

Ultra simple mail aggregator

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Писался проект на Ruby on Rails. Исходники